How to Know that You Picked the Right Realtor
21 Jul

How to Know that You’ve Picked the Right Realtor®

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Signing a contract with a Realtor® can be a little like going on a blind date that lasts for weeks – and if you haven’t done your homework, it can be one very long date. By homework, I mean doing reading up on things like services you should expect a Realtor® to offer and finding out which questions you should be asking when interviewing a Realtor®, among other great advice you can find on our blog.

Let’s say you met and interviewed three contenders and you’ve finally picked a Realtor® – how do you know if you picked the right one? Whether you are still in the research phase or just need some reassurance, here are eight signs that you picked the right one.

How to Know that You’ve Picked the Right Realtor®:

1. They’ve advised you to get pre-approved

If you haven’t already done so, any real estate professional worth their salt will tell you the first thing you need to do is consult with a mortgage specialist to get pre-approved. More than that, they’ll explain why it’s essential.

2. They’ve offered you tips to help you save money

There are many ways you can save thousands when buying a home. You know you’ve picked a winner if your Realtor® is offering you money-saving tips in areas such as life insurance, paying your taxes, and mortgage payment tips. He or she should also be suggesting you check to see if you qualify for government programs and incentives which can put money back in your pocket.

3. You like them

Although it isn’t a date, it is a relationship and it certainly helps if you like being around the Realtor® you’ve chosen. Whether you’re talking on the phone, meeting in person, or receiving texts and emails, you’ll be spending a lot of time communicating with the Realtor® you’ve chosen, so you should enjoy being around them. You don’t need to go golfing together, but if you see your Realtor’s® name come up on your call display and promptly roll your eyes and avoid the call, that’s a bad sign.

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4. They’re always there for you

You know you’ve made a good choice if the Realtor® is responsive and available when you need them. Buying or selling a home is likely to be the most significant financial transaction you’ll ever make, so it’s not reassuring when the person you’ve picked to help you make that happen leaves you hanging.

5. They’re on the ball

You should never be scratching your head, wondering what’s going on – a good Realtor® will be proactive, providing you with updates and feedback. They should also be on the hunt for the perfect home for you, regularly sending you listings and not waiting around for you to send listings to them.

6. They’re tenacious

I’d love to tell you that buying and selling a home is always smooth sailing, but it’s not. You need someone who is a go-getter and never gives up. You need a natural problem-solver, someone who can come up with a creative solution when an issue pops up. You want someone who’s got your back and will do battle on your behalf.

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7. They give it to you straight

Your Realtor® isn’t doing you any favours by only telling you what you want to hear. You both have the same goal, but your Realtor® has the benefit of being more impartial so their perspective is valuable. Wouldn’t you prefer to have someone working for you whose ethics compel them to be honest with you, even if it costs them something to do so?

8. They’re in it for the long haul

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the last decade of helping people with their buying or home selling journeys, it’s that you’re building a long-term relationship. It’s of no benefit to you to select a short-sighted Realtor® who is focused solely on the sale or purchase. You want a Realtor® who will treat you like you’ll be a client for life – who calls you after the deal is done, sees if you need anything, provides a list of trusted vendors you may need, and shows their appreciation that you’ve let them be a partner in your journey.

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