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what should I know about century homes

25 Aug Are you missing out? What you should know about century homes.

Not everyone subscribes to the philosophy, “out with the old, in with the new,” particularly when it comes to homes. Century homes have a unique appeal and boast designs and features that can only be found in homes of the past.

Much different from cookie-cutter subdivisions of present time, with century homes, no two are exactly the same. So what is the appeal you might ask?

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looking for a house with a beautiful dining room

17 Aug Beautiful Dining Rooms That can be Yours

If you are the hostess with the mostess or if you've been dreaming of a premium dining room for your family and friends, look no further. We have compiled a collection of beautiful Faris Team Listing featuring dining rooms that are sure to please you, your family, and the guests you entertain. You don't have to keep browsing around for ideas on how to make your home more beautiful - you can move right into one of these beauties where the work has already be done for you.
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16 Aug Back-to-School Gear That Will Make You Popular With Your Kids

Don't want to experience back-to-school buyer's remorse, but are interested in scoring points with your kids and getting cool stuff that they actually could use? Or maybe you've just moved and you've got a child who is less than enthusiastic about attending a new school. Whether your child is in first grade or high school, you've come to the right place.
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sell your home and don't get sued

14 Aug How to Avoid Getting Sued When Selling

There are many good reasons to engage a reputable Realtor® in the purchase or sale of a home, and one of them is to help you avoid potential pitfalls that may arise by a lack of sound advice. The biggest of these pitfalls is the possibility of getting sued when selling your home.
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